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I was obsessed with the movie A League of Their Own when I was a kid. I seriously wanted to be Dottie or Kit. I first saw the film in the winter time and I remember it feeling like the longest winter ever because the movie had me so eager to get outside and play ball. I also thought the girls’ saddle oxfords were the coolest things. I wanted a pair so badly but they didn’t carry them in the shoe stores. Oh, the pre-internet days.

This February, Mom and I took a road trip from Tennessee to Illinois and Indiana. I looked up movies that were filmed in the area to see if there would be anything fun to see along the way. When I saw that A League of Their Own was filmed in lots of locations in Illinois and the surrounding area, I was freaking thrilled!! We were able to see the Peaches Stadium, Racine Field, the girl’s boarding house, and the Suds Bucket exterior. I will link to each as I post about them. Enjoy!

The Rockford Peaches stadium

Mom_Jana_Peaches_StadiumThis stadium was probably the coolest location we saw because it still looked so much like it did in the movie! They kept the Rockford Peaches painted signage, the 40s era seating & beams, the scoreboard, and the fake advertisements. The big change being that the lower level seating has been upgraded to folding seats in an obnoxious orange color. :(



When we arrived at the stadium we heard construction work going on. After asking one of the workers if it was ok to go in, we found out they were redoing the dugouts. I was kind of bummed because I really wanted to see the dugouts as they were in the movie. You know, with drunk Tom Hanks on the bench scratching his balls.



Ira Lowenstein: Great game, Jimmy. I especially liked that move in the seventh inning when you scratched your balls for an hour.

Jimmy Dugan: Well, anything worth doing is worth doing right.


And here you can see the fake advertisements and the scoreboard are still up:

PeachesStadium8 PeachesScoreboard3up

Announcer: And how about Marla Hooch? What a hitter!


PeachesStadium6Location: 203 South Cherry Street, Huntingburg, Indiana

Pretty cool, huh?! :)


The Racine Belles Stadium

The Girl’s Boarding House and The Suds Bucket exterior

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