I Love Sundays

What is it about Sunday mornings? They always seem sunny and full of positive energy. I don’t feel guilty for wanting to stay in bed a ridiculously long amount of time nor do I feel guilty for wanting to get up and tackle some work. I actually feel quite productive on Sunday afternoons for some reason. But yesterday was definitely a stay-in-bed-and-snuggle-with-the-cat kind of Sunday morning. Except Nemo hates snuggling so what I really mean is laying in bed when he is. He was also snoring so loudly that it interrupted my reading of 40 Days of Dating. But that’s okay, because look how cute he is.


Also, Trae found this shirt on Etsy this weekend and I think I need it!

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Skagit Tulip Festival | Mt. Vernon, WA

It was spring time and our first ever experience in the Pacific Northwest. We had spent a day in downtown Seattle hitting up the must-sees for first timers (Space Needle, Public Market), and then we took a quick hour-long drive north to the small town of Mount Vernon where the annual Skagit Tulip Festival is held.


This was back in 2010 so I don’t remember exactly how I heard about this festival, but I’m glad I did because we had never done something like this before! The festival runs annually from April 1-30, and we were there April 30.


Obviously the peak time is going to depend on Mother Nature every year, but it’s a safe bet that the last day of the festival things aren’t going to be as fully bloomed. From what I’ve seen online, it looks like there are fields with rows and rows of tulips during the peak time! But at the time we didn’t know what we were missing out on, and we had never been to a tulip festival before, so we still found everything to be very beautiful.

skagit_tulip_festival_02I really loved the deep purple tulips at the top right!

14_web_tulipfestival07_web_tulipfestivalskagit_tulip_festival_04Mountains in the distance <3

After the festival Trae did some quick online research and found this gem of a bar called the Porterhouse. He was drawn to it because of the craft beer selections on draft, obviously (they carry all west coast brews!). When we arrived I fell in love because it had fantastic natural light :)

skagit_tulip_festival_05To date, this is still one of my favorite pictures of Trae!

This sort of half-way planned day turned out to be one of our favorites of this trip! I would totally recommend visiting the tulip festival early to mid-April and then having a post-festival beer at the Porterhouse. Or vice versa!

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The Ladies with the Pretzel Necklaces

It’s that time of year again: the annual road trip to St. Louis with friends to go to Schlafly Cabin Fever winter beer festival. You’ve probably read about it here before!

This was the 8th annual trip and since we tend to repeat the same activities every year, I chose to only use my iPhone for pictures since I think you guy get the gist of what happens on this trip.

We always leave super early Friday morning (I was up before 4am and we were on the interstate by 5am) so that we get to STL in the afternoon. I feel like we made record time this year, arriving in 7 hours and 15 minutes. We always stop at Randall’s Liquor store upon arrival to check out any rare beers to bring back home.

cabinfever2015_01On this trip I officially became obsessed with the artwork for Mikkeller‘s beers. How amazing are these cans??

That afternoon we went to Four Hands Brewing because they were having their 3rd Anniversary celebration. It was super busy, but luckily we snagged a table.

cabinfever2015_02How awesome is that wall design with the gold hops?!

web_IMG_9339web_IMG_9343All of our beers were either a reddish color or almost black so we were having a hard time differentiating them. Juli got creative and made labels :) Our faves were Volume 2 and Downfall.

Our last brewery stop for the day was Perennial Artisan Ales. We had gone there last year for the first time and really liked it.cabinfever2015_03We had a group splurge with the delicious Blanc de Blancs from Side Project Brewing. And Juli may or may not have left with two bottles of Peach Berliner Weisse…

F E S T I V A L  T I M E !

cabinfever2015_04Our pretzel necklace making station is always a hit! Schlafly were selling these super cute beanies this year! 

On the way to the festival Shea was browsing Facebook and saw that Schlafly announced the winner of the t-shirt contest they were having on their page. To enter the contest you had to leave a comment about your favorite part of Cabin Fever. The comment that won? “All of the fantastic beer (is a given) but I loved talking to the ladies that travel there every year from Oklahoma and make the pretzel necklaces!!” How hilarious is that?!! Amie, the girl who wrote the comment visited us again and we had a good laugh about it. Unfortunately Amie is now gluten intolerant so she couldn’t have a pretzel necklace, but her mom was there to have one! It’s so fun coming back to this festival and seeing people we’ve met the years before!

cabinfever2015_05(L) We got to hang with almost all of the Greens! (R) Jonathan gets creative with his pretzel necklace.

Group picture! Wait…


Who the heck are those two guys??! LOL. They did a good job of blending in – especially the guy in the red jacket! He kind of looks like Tyler? Anyone??

After the festival we usually go straight to another brewery, but this year we went back to the hotel first to regroup and rest for a bit. It was during this down time we discovered that the window and the end of our hotel hallway had a view of the arch!

cabinfever2015_06Jonathan used his vest to block the reflections in the window. The things we do for an iPhone shot!

Once we were recharged, some of us went downtown to try out Alpha Brewing and then hit up Hair of the Dog like we did last year.

cabinfever2015_07I love all the lights strung across this street!

We were disappointed in the beers at Alpha Brewing so I don’t really suggest going there at this time :( Hair of the Dog was crowded like it was last year. We were noting how the bar seemed to have an identity crisis. It’s known for carrying lots of craft beer on tap, which usually deters the early 20s crowd who tend to care more about getting drunk than enjoying a nice drink. But there were still lots of early 20s “kids” drinking their rum and cokes and what not. And the bar is also filled with games – digital games and actual games like foosball and shuffle board (we witnessed a major foosball nerd totally school a couple guys). And the music will vary from rap to country. It’s like a box of chocolates in there!


Trae and I called it a night after Hair of the Dog, but Jonathan, Shea, and Andy went to another brewery. I’m not sure what time they finished! Trae brought me breakfast to our room the next morning (he’s so sweet!) and we brewed a lot of coffee for everyone to drink and put in their thermoses for the road. We drove through downtown on our way to I-44. I feel like I can’t go to St. Louis without at least driving by the arch! ‘Til next time, St. Louis!

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