A Short Hike at Beavers Bend State Park

06_web_beaversbendstateparkThe gang went for a short hike late Saturday afternoon during our Beavers Bend weekend getaway. Without any prior planning, we took the David Boren Hiking Trail. It’s a short loop trail that gets decently steep at times, with good pay off views at the top!

01_web_beaversbendstatepark 15_web_beaversbendstatepark 04_web_beaversbendstatepark 07_web_beaversbendstatepark

Oooh. Ahhh.

The trail is easy and sneaker friendly. We packed a couple beers to share during the hike, which we opened at the top so we could pause to enjoy the views.

02_web_beaversbendstatepark 13_web_beaversbendstatepark 09_web_beaversbendstatepark10_web_beaversbendstatepark 05_web_beaversbendstatepark 08_web_beaversbendstatepark 03_web_beaversbendstatepark

I think my favorite part of the trail was the hike down. The area is very wooded with narrow trails and the sun was peeking through the trees so perfectly. We only got part of the way down when we started to wonder if we were on a loop trail, so we turned around to go back the way we came in – except Andy and Jonathan wanted to see where the trail lead so they kept going. We decided if we hadn’t heard from them in 20 minutes we would send in a search crew…

Turns out it was a loop trail and they beat us back, so they hid behind some trees and jumped out to scare us when we caught up! It’s all on video, which I’ll share whenever I get time to put it together…

16_web_beaversbendstatepark 17_web_beaversbendstatepark 20_web_beaversbendstatepark


24_web_beaversbendstateparkPicturesque lake spotting on the drive back to the cabin!

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3 Thanksgivings in 3 Days

I don’t know about most of you, but I can’t remember that last time I’ve had a “one and done” Thanksgiving. I’m not complaining. I quite like having an excuse to eat so. much. pie.

T U R K E Y   D A Y   # 1

Trae and I stayed in town on Thanksgiving Day to have lunch with Trae’s parents. It was a nice change of pace to leisurely roll out of bed, make some coffee, and watch the Macy’s Parade together. We usually drive two hours to see my family on Thanksgiving Day so we’re used to the rush of trying to get on the road at a decent time, but Trae’s parents live in the same town as us, so it was just a quick 10 minute drive before we were visiting over turkey and stuffing and all the fixings.


Classic meal: turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, green beans (with bacon, duh), and gravy. 

T U R K E Y   D A Y   # 2

On Friday my plans completely changed last minute, but I’m glad they did because I got to see more family than I was anticipating this year! To make a sort of long story short, I ended up driving last minute to see my family and stay over night at my Grandma’s. Trae always works Black Friday so unfortunately he couldn’t go with me, but he encouraged me to go and spend time with family.

web_thanksgiving2014_11Gathered ’round at Grandma’s (Dad, Uncle David, Jane). It’s crazy to think about how the conversations in this living room have changed as we’ve all gotten older.

T U R K E Y   D A Y   # 3

On Saturday I had breakfast at Grandma’s with Nan, Uncle David, Jane, and of course, Grandma before driving back home. My step-mom, Valorie, had lunch planned for 1:30pm so after breakfast and visiting, I drove straight back, stopped at my house briefly to freshen up, and then went to Dad’s for the final Thanksgiving meal.

web_thanksgiving2014_19Our nephew, Brantley, was making beautiful necklaces out of Katy’s yarn and scotch tape!

web_thanksgiving2014_20And I apparently did a really bad job at documenting this day because the only other photo I have (well, other than one of Dad asleep on the couch, but I’ll keep that one for me) is of pie. But then again, it’s pie. I still won at documenting the most important part of the meal. Thank you, Becca & Imant, for making a variety of deliciousness for us. (Pictured here is chocolate pecan and pumpkin)

Alright, keeping’ it short and sweet today. I was going to blog about my most favorite Thanksgiving ever, but life got too busy and I didn’t get it done! I’ll probably do it randomly later when we’re all craving turkey and dressing again. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and that you’re enjoying the craziness of the holiday season! :)

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The Visited States Map Generator

Currently making its rounds across Facebook is the Visited States Map Generator where you simply click on the states you’ve been to and it highlights them in red. Or maybe it’s magenta. I’m currently typing this from an old laptop that has not been calibrated.

I digress.

You guys probably know by now that I love looking at maps and aerial perspectives. This silly website brings me much joy. Now I have a visual to tack on to our Places We’ve Been page. *two thumbs up emojis!*

This is my version above. I have not counted Utah because I’ve only been to the Salt Lake City airport. I also don’t know how I couldn’t have been to Iowa seeing as every other state it touches I’ve been to. I’d have to check old McFarlin Choir Tour records…

And here is Trae’s map. Number wise, he’s at 31 and I’m at 32. Probably the #1 place I’m jealous he’s been to and I haven’t is Yellowstone. He says he’s jealous of Hawaii. The goal is to get our maps matching, hopefully in black out status eventually!

Okay, you know you wanna if you haven’t yet: Create Your Own Visited States Map


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