24 Hours in Vancouver, B.C. – Part 2

The second half of our quick side trip to Vancouver from Seattle (Part 1 here) started out with a visit to the amazing Capilano Suspension Bridge. This is one of Vancouver’s biggest tourist attractions, and you will see why!!

We checked out of our hotel and walked a few blocks to the Vancouver Art Gallery where a free Capilano shuttle was scheduled to pick up visitors. The shuttle took us over Vancouver Harbour to Capilano River Regional Park. Going over the bridge we had nice views of downtown and the pretty mountains. Also on the shuttle was an older British couple that we chatted with. They were on a U.S./Canada tour so we listened to their stories of where they had been so far. They were so cute. We hope we’re still traveling around when we’re their ages!

IMG_0506View of downtown

IMG_0504Vancouver Harbour

IMG_0505I spy snowcapped mountains!

Picture 9Perspective: Vancouver Art Gallery -> Capilano Suspension Bridge

 When we arrived we were herded Disney World style to the ticketing and entrance area. We didn’t have to wait long though, despite the large crowds!

IMG_0508So excited!

And now, there’s no better way to explain what it was like than to just start piling up this post with photos. Ready?!

000076210008Boom! 450 feet of bridge suspended 230 feet above Capilano River.

And it looks even more amazing in person! You can’t really tell when you’re watching people walk across it that the bridge is actually pretty wobbly. There were so many people on it at once and everyone was trying to take pictures, so it was also swaying from everyone trying to get out of everyone else’s way. I was trying to keep my cool, but inside I was imaging the whole bridge just flipping over!

IMG_0519The walk across felt so much longer than it looked! I wanted to get some film photos while I was up there but I couldn’t find a spot to get myself stable enough. Just trust me that it was beautiful and exhilarating! :)



From the Treetops Adventure (keep reading) we were able to watch others cross the bridge.

000076210010webYou would have to try really hard to take a bad picture here!

Once you make it across the bridge, there is an area called the Treetops Adventure that takes you 110 feet above the ground via suspension bridges connected to 250 year old Douglas-fir trees!

IMG_0530 IMG_0535 000076210013 IMG_0531

During the Treetops Adventure it gradually started raining. By the time we were ready to cross back over the big bridge it had picked up even more.

IMG_0541 IMG_0544“We can make it back across!”

We still had one more Capilano adventure to go on once we had crossed back over the big bridge: the Cliffwalk.

000076210015The Cliffwalk is a series of bridges that jut out from a granite cliff face!

IMG_0548A lot of the features are made of glass so you really feel like you’re dangling off the cliff! In this photo above you can see the big suspension bridge in the background, then the curved bridge from the photo above this one.

IMG_0550000076190001 IMG_0546IMG_0553

Now that we had our morning plans at Capilano finished, it was time to figure out what to do with the rest of our day before we had to be at the train station at 5pm! The rain was sprinkling on and off pretty consistently and we were hungry for lunch. We took the free Capilano shuttle back downtown, but because we hadn’t mapped out anything else beforehand and we couldn’t use our iPhone GPS (we didn’t get int’l data for such a short trip), we were at the mercy of strangers and actual maps to get us where we wanted to go. Except that we didn’t know where that was!

I knew that I was interested in seeing Stanley Park so we got off the bus there to wander. That probably wasn’t the best idea since we were hungry and there were no food options in the park. We went ahead and walked around the park a little bit, though.

000076190002Lost Lagoon, Stanley Park

At this point I would love to say that every moment of this day went perfectly, but it did not. Between our hunger, the increasing amount of rain, and our lack of knowledge of the area, we were just cranky!

We walked toward downtown from the park with lunch heavily on our minds. We almost gave in and went to Whole Foods when we saw a sushi restaurant called Sushi Mart. We had gone into the coffee shop a couple doors down to buy some beans and the guys there recommended Sushi Mart. Now we recommend Sushi Mart. We both agreed it was the best sushi we’ve ever had. It’s a really small place with one large community table and one window table. They actually got our order mixed up as a to-go order so we ended up waiting for such a long time before we got our food. But even despite being bummed at that time wasted, it was still the best. sushi. ever.

During our lunch the rain picked up full force. There was no more convincing ourselves that it was just sprinkles and we would stay mostly dry. It was definitely raining and neither of us had a hood or an umbrella. Trae was going to tough it out, but I wanted an umbrella. We stopped in a boutique store and I spent entirely too much on a crappy umbrella. Then it became a problem walking next to Trae on the street with the umbrella because I kept poking him with it. Umbrellas also make it really hard to sight see in an urban area…It was just the combination of all these things that had us both on edge!

We decided we needed some space – literally, open space – to regroup, so we walked to the waterfront. We couldn’t have made a better decision for that moment. Sure it was pouring rain, but the view was so pretty. And we got to watch a plane take off from the water!IMG_0564

IMG_0199 IMG_0557 IMG_0563


We walked toward what looked to be a newer building. A convention center type thing. Next to it was the Olympic Cauldron from the winter 2010 games!


And on the other side of the convention center type building (still have no idea what it was, obviously) was a docked Disney cruise ship! I had never seen a cruise ship up close before and I was completely blow away by the size of this thing. I mean, I knew they were big, but seeing it up close really puts it in perspective!


When we arrived back in Seattle for our last evening of the trip, Marcus and Charlotte had made dinner, followed by Tillamook ice cream with strawberries!! And, of course, beer. :)




This was a great highlight after the ups and downs that was the second half of our Vancouver adventures. We definitely want to go back, but maybe we’ll do it in July when the chances of rain are not as high! Ha!

And if Part 1 and Part 2 weren’t enough for you, here’s a video from our 24 hours in Vancouver:

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First Stitch Fix! Online Personal Styling

I don’t know about you guys, but I find that the older I get the harder I find it is to dress myself. I want to stay on trend, but I don’t want to dress too young. I feel like I’ve lost all ability to pair items together at the store, so I just resort to black. And more black.

Through my step-sister I heard out about an online personal styling company called Stitch Fix. They will send you clothes. To your home. And with help on how to wear everything. What?!

After filling out a thorough style profile with your sizes and preferences, they will send you five clothing items at a scheduled date. You’ll try the clothes on at home and have three days to decide what you want to keep or send back. There’s a 25% discount if you buy everything, and $20 off one item (which is the style fee you pay up front).

Here’s what I got in my first Fix:

stitchfix01The packaging is really nice! Included in my Fix was a gold necklace, two patterned shirts, a pair of black skinny jeans, and a black quilted moto style vest.

stitchfix02I got this really nice customized card with a note and visual suggestions on how to wear each item.

stitchfix03I put on the black jeans first and paired them with the polka dot tank top and a pair of my own ballet flats, as suggested on the styling card. The top fit pretty perfectly, but I didn’t just love it. If it had been at a lower price point I may have kept it. The jeans though – oh my goodness I could wear these all day every day they are so comfortable!

stitchfix05The jeans are the Kut From The Kloth brand. They are like a jean/legging/pajama all mixed in one. Dangerously comfortable! They do bunch at the ankles which I don’t usually like with skinny jeans, but I’m giving it a try with these because they fit so damn well. I can always have them hemmed up if I don’t like the bunching.

stitchfix04Keeping the jeans on, I tried on the next top – a hi-lo patterned blouse and paired it with the gold necklace, just for the sake of trying it on. The necklace is definitely just “meh” for me. No reason to keep it. If I wear jewelry it’s either super dainty or a statement piece. As for the blouse, I didn’t like the way it cut at my shoulders – the look or the feel. So boxy!

stitchfix06Here’s a side view of the hi-lo blouse. Meh.

stitchfix07And lastly, I threw on the Sanctuary knit moto style vest over the hi-lo blouse just to see how it fit. I could tell from the second I touched this vest that it was going to be the most expensive item in my Fix. Rightly so, it’s a nice item.

stitchfix08The cut of the vest is so nice, I just don’t think I would ever wear it because it’s sleeveless. I’m not one for showing off my arms. If it had a thin knit sleeve with it I wouldn’t have been able to resist this one!

stitchfix09Here’s a better example of it over the polka dot tank. I actually kind of liked it like this, but I know how I am about my arms, and I just don’t think I’d wear it enough to justify the cost :(

So, I’m only going to keep the black skinny jeans. To me this is a win because finding jeans that fit well is not a fun process, and I didn’t have to do anything to find these :)

I’m looking forward to doing this again. You can have regular Fixes sent to you, which would be awesome to do if I had a steady income. If you want to give it a try, may I suggest using this link so I can get the referral? :)

Back to our regular travel posts soon! As I mentioned in my last post, you can now put in your email address at the top right of the blog to get notifications of new posts. Easy peasy!

Later gators!

Weekend in Denver + Travel Updates

This weekend I spent a day and a half in Denver to photograph a wedding. It was a beautiful Catholic church wedding with some of the nicest people ever. I’m really glad I got to be there!

Coincidentally our good friends, Ben & Sara, were in Denver that evening for a wedding and they were on the same flight out as me Sunday evening. I didn’t realize this until I was facetiming Trae Saturday evening!

I met up with Ben and Sara for lunch on Sunday. I will skip the sort of long story about a failed adventure to Golden for the Coors tour and just say that we ended up looking for a short adventure to see some mountain scenery. We ended up driving to the base of Mt. Evans to see Echo Lake. This was literally the easiest scenic stop. The lake is right by the highway and there is a short loop trail to walk if you want. We had enough time to enjoy the view for a bit and take some photos before heading back to Denver.

web_echolake_aug2014_05Echo Lake! It was a about 20 degrees cooler up here (61 degrees!) than in town. It felt like that perfect fall, crisp weather which is my fav-o-rite!

web_echolake_aug2014_01 web_echolake_aug2014_02Ben & Sara <3. They’re getting hitched in a month!

web_echolake_aug2014_04 web_echolake_aug2014_03

 In our hurry to get back to the airport on time, our flight got delayed over an hour. Thanks, Murphy. I was glad to have company at the airport because time can move very slowly when you’re there by yourself! I got home a little before 1am and spent Monday chillaxing.


I just want to update you lovely blog readers on our travel decisions for the near future. We’ve decided to hold off on traveling or making any travel plans for six months. This is mostly to save money, but also to give ourselves time to miss traveling. We’ve been doing it often enough that it kind of takes some of the specialness away. Kind of :) But I am looking forward to this break to save up some money for our next big trip. We’ve been traveling on very small budgets the past two years, so it would be nice to go somewhere and be able to, you know, buy stuff while we’re there.

That being said, we’ve had some small weekend getaways planned for this fall, so it’s not like we’ll be going cold turkey for six months. Trae is going to New Mexico in a couple weekends to play in a disc golf tournament. I’ll be going to off-the-grid Arkansas in October for a girl’s weekend, and hopefully we’ll be going to southeast Oklahoma before Thanksgiving to do the Talimena Scenic Byway drive with some friends to gawk at the fall foliage. And then the exception to these weekend trips, Mom is taking me to Seattle to see Pacific Northwest Ballet’s Nutcracker (twice!) the week of Christmas since they are retiring this version after this season.

When I write it out like that it definitely sounds like we’re not taking a traveling break…but only one of those trips is one we will do together, and it’s still tentative. Plus, if it doesn’t interrupt the work week, it doesn’t seem like “traveling”, you know? :)

I’ll still be updating this blog since I haven’t been posting about our trips as they happen anyway! I have so much to share from travels over the past seven or so years, so there’s plenty of content up my sleeve.

Thanks so much for reading :) I’ve added a new email sign up section at the top of the sidebar to your right. You can put in your email address to get updates of new posts! And if you’re on bloglovin’, you can add our blog to your feed here.

I hope everyone had a good weekend!